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Income & Sales Tax Services

NTN, Income Tax Returns, Sales Tax Returns, Income Tax and Sales Tax Audit, Refunds & Appeals

Corporate Matters

Registration Of Partnership Firm(AOP),Registration Of (Pvt) Ltd. Company, Trust, Membership With LCCI

Accounts & Audit

Book-keeping, Prepation Of Financial Statements, Development & Maintenance Of Accounting Systems & Internal Controls, Internal & External Audit


While you focus on your business, we will manage your tax problems

Deduction in taxes

Our experienced & professional tax advisors will help you save money on your taxes with practices such as tax avoidance but not with tax evasion

Expertise In Tax Services

We have Expertise In providing tax services since last 20 years. Our Expertise is in providing services for Accounts, Audit, Income Tax, Sales Tax and Corporate Matters

High Quality Services

We have full panel of professional consultants who has comprehensive and diversified working experience to ensure that you get high quality services

Cost-Effective Solutions

We will ensure that you get the best cost-effective solution that is best for your business and you get maximum value for your money

Accuracy In Accounts

Under the supervision of experienced and professional personnel, You can achieve remarkable accuracy in your Accounts

Professional Advice

We will provide you professional advice regarding any issue related to Taxes and Amendments in Tax Laws

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