Muhammad Yousaf Iqbal (Managing Partner)

On behalf of all of us at Ghauri Associates, Muhammad Yousaf Iqbal, welcomes you to Our vision is to be a modern, progressive, effective, autonomous and credible organization for optimizing revenue by providing quality services and promoting compliance with taxes and related laws. Our mission is to be the finest organization in the service industry and to conduct its business in the best possible professional manners and to seek long term and good relations with our clients. Our services strive to conduct business with integrity and make a mark in Financial, Corporate and management, human resources and Information technology consultancy sectors. The philosophy of the firm is to provide dedicated services to each client with a firm commitment of quality work. The experts along with the staff of adequately knowledgeable people thrive to come up to the standard and requirements of the clients, by delivering excellent services within the given time frame.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our firm; we hope our website would be helpful to find the solutions of your problems.

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GHAURI ASSOCIATES consist of full Panel of Professional Consultants who has comprehensive and diversified working experience. GHAURI ASSOCIATES is the consortium of Cost & Management Accountants, Chartered Accountants, Software analysts and reputable Tax Lawyers. We are here to focus on your “Taxes” while you focus on your life and business. We’re year-round full-service tax consultants located in Lahore since July 2001 to help you with your tax planning needs. We have achieved a level of expertise and competency over a period of time and are in a position to provide the services with a unique pattern. Our expertise in providing services for Income Tax Matters, Sales Tax Matters, Accounts, Audit, Management consultancy, Corporate & legal Matters and Computerized Accounting Software.