Sales Tax

Sales Tax

We are providing services for the preparation & e-filling of monthly & quarterly Sales Tax Returns, completion of Sales Tax Audit and Appeals, Sales Tax Registration & De-Registration, Sales Tax Records and Sales Tax Matters. We are also providing services for the Clearance of Sales Tax Refund cases with tremendous speed.


General Sales Tax (GST), which is a modified form of Value Added Tax (VAT). In Pakistan, since recent years, more and more goods and services are being brought within the ambit of the GST regime and GST occupies a pivotal place in the current regime of taxation. Rampant changes in the GST law and lack of knowledge on the part of tax administrators and taxpayers have made it intricate and difficult.

Our tax professionals will not only keep you aware of developments that may affect your business, but also will help you to interpret their significance and integrate a plan into your business strategy.

We are providing a full range of indirect tax services that include sales tax advisory services, sales tax system evaluation and other ancillary matters.

We have experience in;


✓ Applying for and obtaining GST registration.
✓ Maintenance and preparing of GST Record/GST book keeping
✓ Preparation and filing of Monthly & Quarterly GST Returns
✓ Advises and pursuing in claim for adjustment of input and output taxes, following up GST exemption(s) and GST audit
✓ Representation on behalf of the clients before GST assessment authorities and appellate authorities on contentious GST issues and dispute resolution


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